Beautiful Bedding

Finals-146 Bedding is something I care deeply about.  I want to be able to use 100% of the blankets on my bed!  The throw pillows must be pretty, but also not so expensive that I can’t use them as a tray for a hot bowl of soup if I have a cold and am in bed and need something quick.  I don’t want to spend a million dollars on bedding.  I have dogs who are like my children and sleep on my bed during the day while I work and I need to be able to throw my bed spread in the washing machine often.

Sure my bedding is white, some might thing thats nuts… but the real deal is, solid white can be bleach my friends!  I always say, have a solid white quilt or bed spread that you can machine wash.  It is bright and happy, and if washed weekly… always clean and crisp!  Something soft that you love, then jazz it up with throw blankets, beautiful throw pillows, and some really cool shams!


I like to buy discount quilts from Tuesday Morning.  It is hit or miss but I have always had the best luck with getting great deals on designer bedding there.  They have some throw pillows but the MECCA of throw pillows would be Homegoods!  I mean I always find some throw pillow I HAVE to have when I go there.  Pottery Barn has great quilts if you hit a sale online but you will definitely save more  shopping at Tuesday Morning, and the quality will most likely be even better.

I opted for a $24 white quilt for my daughters room from Stein Mart thinking it would be temporary until I had time to hunt for the PERFECT Tuesday Morning jackpot.  It has held up so well that I would highly recommend it!  We have washed it every week or so for 3 years and it still looks beautiful!  I bought her quilt and pink shams there and of course the down feather, karate chopped throw pillows came from Homegoods 🙂  Less is more for her room because I want her to be able to make her bed appropriately!  My sweet daughter is 5 years old and makes me so proud!! 🙂

Stein Mart Quilt STEAL!


I am working on a blog about this gorgeous peel and stick wall paper I used in her bedroom!  Stay tuned friends!


Happy Glamming!


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