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in , May 25, 2018


Why I Organize:

I’ve always loved being organized.  I think it’s because I thrive on chaos in my personal and professional life, so I need the balance of feeling organized somewhere in life.  It all started when my sister and her 5th grade friends caught me organizing my sock drawer in kindergarten for fun.  It makes me happy when my space is in excellent working order AND looks beautiful.


My mom helped me design my dream pantry when we built this house.  I wanted to create an extension of my kitchen I could work in and feel free to clutter up with my many appliances.  I put in a countertop around the perimeter with 6 electrical outlets.  It had been a dream to use the past year, but it wasn’t looking too hot lately!

7583865280_img_5731After moving in, the pantry got the least of my attention.  It was disheveled and full of stale crackers because nothing had a home.  After a year of living here it was time to turn things around!  I reached out to a Professional Organizer with Design Your Life for help!  She helped me turn this mess into my new favorite room!


Where to begin:

I start any organization project by decluttering my space and purging.  I go by a simple rule: If I haven’t used it, worn it or seen it in a calendar year, then IT GOES.  If after you just read that, you thought to yourself, I’ll never do that… then you’re in luck!  I have a backup plan for you.  When you pick up an item to decide whether it stays or goes, decide how it makes you feel.  If it doesn’t make you happy, then toss it!  If it doesn’t work well, fit well or look good… there is no sense in hanging onto it.

IMG_9427If both of these tasks are impossible for you, you might consider seeking help for a hoarding disorder ;). Just kidding!  I have a hard time doing this as well!  It’s hard to be objective when it comes to your own stuff!  You might consider hiring a professional organizer (or calling on a friend).  Having another person there helps move things along quickly and more efficiently.

Set aside a block of uninterrupted time, a box for donations and a sack for trash.  Decluttering works best if you fill each of these things completely!  😉

Next Step:

Next, I measured my shelves and ordered enough bins to fit all the shelves.  The only pantry shelves I did not outfit with bins were for the canned goods and the space for clear plastic air tight canisters (that I like for our favorite snacks, cereals and baking ingredients).  I will link everything I used at the bottom of this post!  I shopped on a budget!  All of my bins were mostly $5 and my air tight canisters were 6 for $34!


Design your life recommended I add art to my space to liven it up.  Although this was a pantry, it was a space I wanted to beautify!  I found this set of 3 gorgeous water color prints (link at end of post) and I attached them to my backsplash with command strips.  All other decor and accessories I found at Homegoods, as usual!


What to Use:

I used white bins verses clear because I wanted to clearly see my labels and keep a clean white look to the pantry.  I made my own labels using a vinyl cutting machine (Sillhouette), but you can use a label maker, or stick on labels with a sharpie!  My favorite containers were the white ones because they are the perfect shape to see what you have, a good color to label and are about $5!  I added a bamboo bread box to hold my breads and baked goods and I have been loving it!  Link below!

Where to Buy:

6 Air Tight Food Containers

Small Wire Chalkboard Basket

Large Wire Chalkboard Basket

White Storage Bins with Handles

Bamboo Bread Box

Expandable Can Food Riser

Succulent Prints


Thank you to Design your life with your help with my newly decorated and organized pantry!  Visti them at for help with any of your organizing needs!


A big THANK YOU to Design Your Life for your help!  Visit them at


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