I’m going to share with you, step by step, how I go about creating a jaw dropping Christmas tree. This can be ANY theme of tree from casual to princess themed! I’ve found through years of practice, this process always stuns my family and is easiest for me to create.

  1. Extra lights (if needed, I like the twinkling kind)
  2. Ribbon
  3. Garland (if using, not necessary)
  4. Balls and hanging ornaments
  5. Picks
  6. Clip ons

1. Extra Lights

This pretty flocked pencil tree has very few lights, as most inexpensive trees do. With as many ornaments and “stuff” I suggest you put on your tree, an expensive tree that is going to get lost beneath the decor isn’t necessary. I always go for inexpensive trees in my home. The most expensive tree we have was for height and because I didn’t want to mess with added lights. Adding lights isn’t hard though, and if you add twinkling lights, your tree shimmers at the end 😍. For this project my daughter wanted a dim tree she could easily sleep next to in her room. So she opted out of the ✨ twinkles. πŸ™

2. Ribbon

Ribbon isn’t optional for me in my house, or for any tree I decorate. It adds a nice base of very inexpensive ‘fluff’ that I find so attractive. I also love that for $8 I can change the entire look of my tree from year to year by switching to a different ribbon. I added this white sparkle ribbon that’s extra glittery and obnoxious for this girly princess tree. I like to add my ribbon in long trips of about 3-5 feet depending on the width of the tree. I work on it one side at a time angling the poufs of ribbon down and working from bottom to top. I secure in between each pouf with the actual tree branches. Don’t think this needs to be perfect, if you worry over every small detail you’ll never finish or enjoy it. It took me 1 hour to decorate this 6 foot pencil tree, with two small children “helping” 🀣 and breaks for photos.

3. Garland (not always something I use)

Garland isn’t very necessary and it’s extremely expensive. If you’re working with a budget I would just skip it. It tends to get lost and isn’t very dramatic. I had strings of pearls so I used them of course. I made my own large chunky garland for my farmhouse tree by wrapping ping pong balls in adorable fabric and that made a statement. If you have it or want it, I would add it after applying the ribbon, following a similar draping pattern in the direction of the ribbon.

4. Balls and hanging ornaments

As my mother taught me, if it’s supposed to dangle, make room for that sucker to dangle! I try my best mom😜. Dangling hanging ornaments always look best. Try not to hang them on branches that make the ornament sit awkwardly. Easier said than done, but just try. If you tree isn’t very full, hang them on the inside of the tree too! It adds dimension and looks so pretty!

On this tree all my balls are around the same size. Typically, I like to vary sizes here. SUPER big ones (that obviously can’t dangle AT ALL) to this size. Mix it up! I love really large ornaments. They don’t hang well, so just stuff them in there!

I try to hang them one type at a time. I had the most fuzzy fur balls so I started with those and tried to put them in evenly top to bottom before moving on to the next kind. The more the merrier.

5. Picks

Ohhhhh picks! This is anything on a stick ladies and gentlemen. I have A LOT. You really can’t have too many. Buy a ton. If you find them on sale then I suggest just buying them all 🀣. I’ve collected this box of picks for 10 years. Every time I find some sparkly obnoxious thing on a stick I buy it and it ends up in this magical box. Because my main tree was sparkle city before I switched to a farmhouse (anti-sparkle) theme, my daughters tree got all of these lovely hand me downs! I focus my largest, nicest picks at the top for a tree topper for a super Christmas tree look. Just stick them right on in there. So easy. This tree also has a tiara I put on first, because…. it’s a princess of course.

My smaller picks (flowers, balls on a stick, round little fluffy things on a stick) go sporadically through out the tree. The smaller less dramatic ones I just use to fill holes in places I can’t dangle an Ornament. Picks are the fastest, easiest way to fill a tree. If you have an inexpensive tree, then you have less branch tips to hang from. This is where picks come in handy! They create a full and expensive looking tree in no time!! Use a ton!

6. Clip on things

I often find very nice ornaments with clips on the back. These are great for the naked branch tips that aren’t filled. I like to do this last because these are usually the most beautiful ones and I want them to really show off. In this case, mine were roses and butterflies. I’ve used birds before too.

That is all my friends!! If you have any questions feel free to comment below! 😘