My mom always told me to stay away from wallpaper because taking it down was such a nightmare, and you are sure to tire of looking at the same pattern sooner than later.  But I just can’t help but LOVE all of the gorgeous wall paper jobs I see floating around!  I am not one to commit to a busy wall paper enough to pay to have my walls smoothed flat and have a professional hang the REAL stuff.  I change my decor like I change my clothes lol!

I knew I had to try this peel and stick stuff, but some $10 rolls off amazon weren’t going to cut it.  I needed the GOOD stuff!  Specifically an assorted floral of pinks and bright colors for my daughters new room reveal in the new home we built.  It meant a lot to me that she like it because we were moving her away from her best friend and her preschool she loved.

I found the perfect floral (among so many others) at and I ordered 1 roll and it came out to $90.  This stuff isn’t cheap!  But if you factor in the fact that it looks like the REAL DEAL, it doesn’t damage the paint when you decide to remove it and you can install it yourself… it’s worth it in my opinion.  The area I was covering was 2 ft by 12 ft and the roll I ordered was 2 ft wide so I knew this would make my life easier.  If they hadn’t been, I would have ordered a custom roll.

It took my husband holding the excess and peeling back the lining as a stuck it to the wall evenly but it wasn’t rocket science.  It’s literally a giant sticker.  It comes with a tool to smooth out air bubbles which works great!  I have slightly textured walls and that wasn’t an issue because the wallpaper I chose was so busy and it is also hung pretty high on the wall.  We used a brand new razor blade to trim the excess and it cut perfectly.  There were places that our wall wasn’t perfectly straight I had to also trim with the razor blade and it was so simple to do!

Because it has been up over a year and still looks perfect I want to tackle another area!  Only this time, I want to try to smooth my wall texture first.  I will let you guys know how that works out!

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Happy Glamming!