I worked in downtown Dallas at a high end salon doing hair and air brush tanning in my twenties and I always had the perfect glow. Life was good.  My co workers did my hair for me every day and my best friend tanned me any night of the week, plus I was 23 lol. 🙌🏻

Now that I’m in my thirties, and I have a job, a house to manage and a family to care for… having a tan is literally the last thing on my list of priorities 😂.  So if you are in my same boat and you need a convenient, 15 minute tan routine… this is for you!

I don’t tan well, and even if I did, I know that the sun is every aging woman’s biggest enemy. Spray tanning is the only option for this pale chick.  I’ve tried every expensive $60 tanning lotion and spray.  I’ve done the air brush tanning and I have zero time to make an appointment once a week for a tan.  I have settled for booth tans and after trying every machine I have found the best, along with all the tricks I use to give myself the BEST possible tan!

I get a Versa Spa Pro spray Tan, in Medium.  I signed up for unlimited spray tans at Planet Tan ($89) but there are other tanning places that offer the Versa Spa tans.  Because I have fair to medium skin naturally the dark is MUCH too dark.  I usually go after my kids are in bed and after I’ve showered around 9pm (they close at 10pm).  I wear a T-shirt, no bra and pajama pants and hope to god I don’t see anyone I know during the trip😂.  It usually takes 10 minutes.  I go home and sleep in the tan.  It never stains my clothes or white sheets. I shower it off in the morning and I’m tan and set for a good 7 days of natural looking color that fades naturally.

When I get into the room I undress completely and begin my pre tan regimen.  Hang in there this is intense but once you get it down… it makes the difference between a nightmare spray tan and a flawless looking suntan!  They provide you with everything you’ll need so all you have to do is show up freshly showered without makeup, lotions or oils on your skin.

First I put my hair up and in the provided cap, then the nose filter in.  The nose filters are relatively new and AMAZING! Before these you would blow brown boogers for a whole day 😂.  I’m sure our lungs appreciate these little genius additions!

Next, I LIBERALLY apply the barrier cream on my hands all over like hand lotion and up towards my wrists and inside my arms where you are naturally lighter, then on my knee caps, elbows, all over the top and bottoms of my feet and I rub it all around my ankles.  Really CAKE that barrier cream on those feet ladies!  Fan it up all around your ankles like you are Picasso.  This is art.

Lastly, you’ll take the foot protectors provided (they look a bit like shower caps but are foot shaped) and double up on those suckers.  I used to only wear one pair but after having super dark feet one time on the bottom I started wearing two.  I think I pay enough to planet tan, you’re welcome.

You are officially ready to tan. I have found that my tanning positions from airbrush tanning are better than the recommended stances the machine give you.  They are very similar.  Same foot positions, just a few different arm positions.  Arms are very important, a big streak on your inner arm will give the whole fake tan away, and we can’t have that or what would be the point of all this madness?

I’ve provided the stances below!

These photos were taken on day 3 of my spray tan, for fading reference!  Day 1 is obviously darkest, day 2 is my favorite so if I have something really special happening plan to spray two nights before the event.  On day 7 I still have some color, not splotchy at all (so many other spray tans fade splotchy) but I usually exfoliate well and go back for another spray because I have unlimited sprays and I like to have a good amount of color all the time 👍🏻

After tanning, remove your nose filter, hair cap and once you’re standing on the clean towel remove your booties and immediately slip your sandals on before walking on the tile.  The over spray from the booth lands on the tile and this will turn your feet brown on the bottoms.

Take my time using plenty of baby wipes to completely wipe off my hands and feet, especially the line the booties created. During this time your spray is drying entirely.  Now you’re all set to put on your loose clothing and head into the restroom to give your hands a quick wash with soap, avoiding any dripping or splashing on your arms. Wait at least 4 hours to shower!  I prefer to tan at night and sleep in it for the best developed tan! You will be much darker after your spray tan than it will actually be once you shower, so don’t freak out when you see how dark you look, especially your face!

I have the same skin color as my kids naturally. In this picture I just had a Vera Spa Pro tan in medium, so you can see the color comparison!

Planet tan is running a special right now $15 for 1 spray tan a month, this what I used to do but it was an upgrade for the Versapro!  Initially the membership was intended for special occasions only, but I started wanting it every week because I loved it so much.  If you don’t want to be in a contract you can get a 3 pack for $90! Regularly $40 each.  The monthly membership for unlimited is $89 and you can cancel anytime.  This is the membership I have!

Happy tanning ladies! Please feel free to leave any questions here!  I hope you go and get yourself an amazing tan.  I know it makes me feel beautiful!  I also love how little makeup I need when I tan!  For those of you who worry about this tan breaking you out, do not worry! It is drying if anything.  I have very sensitive skin and have never had a problem!