Blonde Maintenance

in Beauty, April 8, 2018


Blonde maintenance isn’t rocket science and is most definitely necessary.  There are a few tricks of the trade I can share with you to keep your locks bright and fresh in between color services! Here are my top 3 tips…

1. You can swim, but if it’s in highly chlorinated water, spritz your hair first with a leave in conditioner so that your wide open (bleached) hair cuticle absorbs that before it absorbs the Chlorine from the pool! Salt water is not going to hurt your blonde color, but it will dry it out, so a leave in conditioner is never a bad idea before the ocean either! No need to use an expensive leave in conditioner. A favorite leave in of mine is a DIY coconut milk conditioner. It has all the nutrients and benefits of the expensive salon leave in conditioners without the price tag or unknown ingredients 🙂  Great for little girls too!


1/4 cup distilled water (or tap water that has been boiled for 5 minutes and allowed to cool)
1 tablespoon canned coconut milk (double for dry hair)
Up to 10 drops essential oil, I prefer lavender

2. 90% of blondes turn yellow over time. Product build up and mineral deposits can be large factors. You can have your locks toned in the salon for a price or you can take it upon yourself to use a toning shampoo from home. If you’re anything like me and time and money are precious to you, you might be interested in purchasing purple shampoo. You can use purple shampoo up to twice a week from home in between color services. Do not use it every day! twice weekly at most, once weekly to maintain. Purple cancels yellow so this will keep your blonde brighter and less yellow or brassy. You can find it on amazon by clicking photo below!

3. Protect from heat!!!! Blonde is already dry from the process it has undergone to become blonde. Heat is not friendly to our highlights. I still use the same heat protectant that I used from the beginning. Nothing compares to me. If you spray your hand with this wonderful smelling heat shield, then blow your hand with a hot blow dryer, the spot that you sprayed will not feel the heat! It truly does what it is intended to do and it certainly does make a huge difference if you care about maintaining healthy ends, shiny hair or if you want long hair!  Click photo to find on amazon!

Happy Glamming Blondes!