3 Day Juice Cleanse

in Beauty, March 7, 2018

I have lost 25 lbs over the past year, which was a goal I had been working toward my entire life since I can remember.  It took a number of methods, but mostly diet (zero alcohol, very little dairy, sugar and gluten) and exercise.  Recently though, I had been slacking off eating sweets and bbq too often!  I needed to get back on track so I decided to try something new… a juice cleanse!

Food is something I consider medicine.   I know it cures and causes disease, yet I have been so lax with it my entire life.  I love feeling good and energized and I feel better than ever when I eat well.  This cleanse was something I’ve always wanted to try, but always chickened out.  I finally thought, it’s veggies and fruit juice which is full of nutrition!  Nutrition=medicine and I need healing and energy so I’m trying this and we will see what happens to my body!

Day 1.

I started this cleanse with 2 of my best friends.  I was pretty cocky going into it.  I didn’t even consider that I would fail.  There are 8 juices per day that are numbered to drink in order.  If I felt the need to eat I could snack on unsalted nuts or lean protein.  I didn’t have unsalted nuts or lean protein on hand because I was so excited about drinking 6 of these yummy juices (I LOVE their juices) I honestly didn’t think I’d need anything else.  I was READY for this.  I had my mind right. Wrong.  I got through the day and after my 4th juice I fell off and ate 5 chocolate chip cookies and 2 tacos.  I was pretty mad at myself.  I texted my girl friends and told them I was a failure.  They were doing well and I couldn’t do it and I was just so hungry I fell off the wagon.  I went to bed feeling bad about myself but decided I would start fresh the following day.

(Probably shouldn’t have had that chicken fried chicken the night before my cleanse 😂)

Day 2.

I was determined not to screw this day up because I knew I was going to blog about this and I was already so embarrassed about my taco debacle.  I drank all 6 juices!  I drank the recommended water and I had A LOT of unsalted nuts as snacks and chicken on a side salad twice.  It wasn’t easy but I did it and I was proud!  I made it!

Day 3.

I drank my juices like A BOSS.  I needed ZERO snacks.  I had to MAKE myself finish my last juice I wasn’t even starving for it.  I had so much energy I went to the gym, I organized my salon and I had more energy at the end of the day for my kids.  It really was unreal.  I couldn’t believe it.  I also used the bathroom about 6 times.  I never had a stomach ache though!  I really was cleansing for sure!!!

Day 4.

My cleanse was over!  First thing that morning I weighed myself, down 7 lbs! Whhhhhhat?!!!!! Incredible.  I still had energy and I felt so incredible that I wished Clean Juice was closer so I could go buy more because I wanted to keep going.  I worried if I started eating my normal “easy to grab” things I’d feel sluggish again.  I highly recommend this for anyone wanting to jumpstart their healthy diet or goals, or even if you just need an energy boost!

clean juice

Clean juice Clear Fork is located in Fort Worth, Texas! The 3 day cleanse is $156 and contains 18 organic cold pressed juices.

Clean Juice