The BEST Waves

in Beauty, January 24, 2018

Until I found this curl wand, I was never in LOVE with my waves.  My curls were always pretty, but they were never on POINT!  I love soft waves that aren’t SO curly.  I refer to them often as beachy waves, but really you can wear them smooth with hairspray for a glamorous look or you can add texture with a wax hair spray for a beachy look.  I really do love this Curl Wand, and at $17.99, how can you go wrong?!  The wand comes with a heat protectant glove… WEAR IT!  I don’t anymore, but I also do this for a living!  This sucker gets hot, don’t burn yourself!


The biggest trick to making these waves look right, is leaving the last 2-3 inches of your hair out!  Keep those ends straight!  The longer your hair the more you may want to leave out.  Play around with these, it really is fun!  I have found that when I curl my hair with this wand, they last MUCH longer than my regular curling iron.  I’ve tried a LOT of different wands, and this one lands #1 on my list!  I like it better than my $140 curling wand!

My favorite product for creating textured waves is Redken Wax Blast Hairspray.  It really does give you that edgy look that everyone wants!  It also helps hold if you mist it first before curling!  It’s a soft, non-crunchy, non-sticky hold.  One of the best products I’ve ever worked with!


Here is a quick 2 minute video on how I section my hair, the amount of hair I wrap around the iron, and the direction I like to curl my hair!  PLEASE comment below with any questions!

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Links to Wax Hairspray and Bedhead Curl wand:

Redken Spray Wax $14

Bed Head Curl Wand $17.99