Teeth Whitening

in Beauty, January 21, 2018

Most people think that their teeth are too sensitive to use teeth whitening strips.  You can prevent sensitivity by using Crest Gel Kam Fluoride treatment gel at home!  Start with your strips on for only 10-15 minutes if you’ve never whitened before.  If you experience sensitivity, wait a few days then start again with the same time frame.  Only increase your time by a few minutes when you don’t experience any sensitivity!  Build your way up to 30 minutes and you’re all set to finish the 20 treatments I recommend with Crest Professional Effects Whitening Strips!

I have found that Crest Professional Effects are the perfect strength for effectively whitening your teeth in 20 treatments with as little pain as possible.  I CANNOT take the pain from anything stronger you can get from your dentist!  It’s like torture to me, and not worth it.  I encourage you to try these out and let me know how you like your new smile 🙂


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crest strips


Crest Gel Kam Fluoride $12 on Amazon!

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Happy Glamming!!!