Everyone Wants A Smoky Eye!

in Beauty, January 6, 2018

I decided to create this blog because I have been asked to make a tutorial on how to do a smoky eye 500,000,000 times by clients, friends and random strangers.  Eyeliner will be next, I just started with a VERY BASIC eyeshadow tutorial.  There will be MANY more.  I have ideas filling up my brain so badly that I sleep holding onto my round brush and curl wand so I can practice in my sleep.

I have no large intent to sell anything to you.  I am not good at sales.  I will suggest products for you because I love them and because most likely I have tried them all and this is what worked best for me, as a busy mom/ professional.  I do sell Senegense cosmetics, as a side gig because they are really awesome.  It wouldn’t be terrible if you contacted me to purchase some, but the point is… I just like their makeup.

I started my career working for MAC cosmetics right out of high school, while I was in cosmetology school.  They put me through their “training” program and it was the beginning of my lifetime obsession with makeup artistry.  I then went on to do hair and makeup for a very busy salon in Downtown Dallas and have been doing hair and makeup ever since around the Dallas area.  I like to travel to seek the best education I can find!  This year I am lucky enough to catch some amazing classes by beauty professionals coming to Dallas!

I enjoy doing hair and makeup so much that I have pretty much always worn close to 50 products on my face and in my hair on a daily basis for most of my adult life, until I had kids.  I can now glam it up when totally necessary (which is my favorite) or i’m wearing dirty yoga pants with a nasty bun on my head.  Jack of all trades really.  Dropping off my kid in my pajamas that can possibly pass for pants, to wearing a fur at the grocery store.  I have been there done it.  I’m not here to pretend I’m always put together, but I will share with you how I pull my hot mess of a mom bun together when I have a few minutes to do so 😉

This blog was born as an outlet to put all of my ideas and inspiration down in one place.  I have always worked diligently to continue learning the latest and greatest ways to glam, so here they are!  But if you see me with a nasty bun on my head don’t judge me, I’m only human.  Follow along with me as I attempt to keep my artistic spark alive and fulfill my heart with more GLAM




1. Sandstone Pearl Shadowsense by Senegence

2. Mocha Java Shadowsense

3. Garnet Shadowsense

4. Onyx Shadowsense

5. Sandstone Pearl Shimmer Shadowsense

If I can get Shadowsense to look this blended on printer paper, then I PROMISE you can make your Smokey eyes look so well blended they could be mistaken for airbrush makeup!

Happy glamming!